Technical Tips

These You-Tube video clips and articles are meant to be informative rather than instructional but hopefully useful in understanding how things work.  A number of clips are in a foreign language and may or may not have English subtitles. The page will be updated periodically.
CCCV doesn’t necessarily endorse any of the procedures shown and professional advice should be sought where necessary.
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1969 – 1974 Paint Charts

Colour Codes

D-Series (You Tube)

D-Jetronic Troubleshooting & Repair

D-Jetronic Checklist

D-Jetronic Lecture (Dutch)

How to Use Ligarex Pliers

Front Brake Pads

Rear Brake Overhaul

Changing Rear Wheel

Handbrake Pad Replacement

Height corrector Overhaul

Steering Rack Removal

Rear Suspension Boot Replacement

Replacing LHM

Radiator Replacement

Steering Rack Boot Replacement

Front Guard Removal

Front Door Removal

Mounting Door Window

7-Piston HP Pump

Engine-Mount Overhaul

Windscreen & Seal Replacement

Gearbox & Clutch Plate Removal

Cylinder Head Removal

Cylinder Head Overhaul

Bump Stops Replacement

Oil Filter Change

Greasing the Front Wheel Bearings


D-Series Written Articles

A Tale of Smoke, Mirrors and Height Correctors

DS Auto Filter Access

DS Handbrake Pad Replacement


Removing brake drum

HDi – P1164 Fault – Fuel Pressure Sensor

Headlamp Replacement

Oil Change


Climate Control repair

Fault P0351 Finding

Resetting Service Warning Light

Front Bumper Removal

Door Panel Removal

Picasso Rear Door Panel Removal

Grand Picasso Boot Lid Handle Fix

Picasso Fault Finding

Picasso Oil Change

C4 HDi Oil Change

C4 HDi Drive Belt Change

C5 Series

Sphere Change

Rear Brakes

Rear Brake Pads

Rear Brake Discs

Rear Brake Overhaul

Front Brake Pad Replacement

ABS Sensor

Flip Key Fix

Remote Key Programming with Lexia

Pollen Filter

HDi Fuel Filter

Front Bumper Panel Removal

LDS Fluid level Check

Dashboard Removal

Removing Front Console

Radio Removal

Steering Wheel Removal

Radiator Replacement


2CV Series

Air Filter Replacement

Window Stay Repair

Upholstery Renewal

Seat Rubbers

Fan Removal

Driveshaft Boot Replacement

Brake Drum Removal

Fuel Line & Brake Pipe

Exhaust Clamp

Rocker Cover gasket

Steering Arm Repair

1960 2CV Rust Removal

Gear Box Oil Change

Brake Master Cylinder

Engine Assembly (Animation)

Suspension Cylinder Repair

Suspension Cylinder Overhaul (French)

Shock Absorbers

Dyane Restoration in 8 Minutes



BX Troubleshooting



Sphere Replacement

Replacing Front Bearing

Pressure Regulator Test

Heater Matrix

2nd Gear Synchro Problem

Head Gasket

Height Corrector Fix

Oil Change

Idle Control Valve

Service Light Reset

Window Regulator









John Wyers at a club Tech Day
John Wyers at a club Tech Day